Louis Prima Tribute Night


Louis Prima at the Basement

On the 20th of January this year I was thrilled to perform a gig at the Basement with my Fabulous Cocktail Cabinet band. This gig was extra special as it was in tribute to one of my favourite Singer / songwriters from the golden age of Las Vegas Lounge the one and only Louis Prima.

Without doubt one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century, Louis Prima began his career as a straight out jazz trumpet player. Over the next 5 decades he became an Entertainer, Composer, Big Band Leader, Vegas Lounge act, and Movie Star so there really was plenty to celebrate.

The night was hosted by Micheal Shafran of gosstonomy and saw the fine pairing of Italian-American music with the cultured cuisine of the same style. Three Masterchef personalties took over the kitchen and created some truly amazing dishes with names as unique as their flavours.

The show featured the extraordinary talents of Simon “ The Senator “ Bartlett , Sydney jazz Bird Sarah J Hyland and the Crooning charms of the effervescent Frank Bennet. We had such a fun time sharing the stage and had many funny moments backstage too, for those of you that haven’t ever enjoyed the luxury of the basement band room it really is nice and cosy. You can only imagine what happened with so many big personalities in such a small space.

We hope to do a repeat performance very soon, For those of you that missed the fun the first time around there are many video’s online and Official Photos care of  Kelsey Aland in this gallery.



Long Live Louis, The original King of Swing !!

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