‘Love Me Tender’ Marie Claire Fashion Story

Marie Claire July Issue, 16 page Fashion Story ' Love Me Tender' Produced by Pia Andersen

Johnny Wishbone from The Snowdroppers , chilling out at the Vanguard

I recently produced a 16 page photo story that has just been published in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine. My role was to bring the reality of the Sydney vintage scene to life , by showcasing real people in their environments. Creating a stunning visual backdrop for a modern fashion spread. The Marie Claire Team were really passionate about this story and as I had worked with photographer Hugh Stewart before I knew from the very beginning that I was in for a fun experience.


I was responsible for the casting , locations and scheduling of the shoots. The Biggest Challenge with this shoot was the scheduling , juggling location availabilities with the work commitments of all the people involved. There were a few significant faces missing from the story due to the simple fact that the timing just didn’t allow for their involvement. Limpin Jimmy and The Swingin’ Kitten, I’m looking at you. I wish you could have both been captured in full colour magazine print glory.


Two of my favourite places, Porteno restaurant and Sterling Hairdresser and Barber Shop.

The Hollywood Hombres at stage at the Roxbury and Sterling Barber Shop.

I loved Singing with the Hollywood Hombres on stage at the Roxbury, the energy in the room was electric. The vibrancy of the colours and the sheer sense of fun really embodied what appeals to me about 50′s fashion. Much of this was filmed for Marie Claire’s upcoming behind the scenes television show , Marie Claire Under the Cover . Episode 2 which airs on Sunday the 19th June will feature this story and I’m hoping that some of the energy I felt has translated into the edit of the show.

Pat and Damien take a seat at Newtown Old Wares, Sue and Marc host a Cocktail Soiree

'Cadillac Cool' This is one of my favourite shots from the story

The Cocktail Scene At Sue And Marc’s house was a perfect representation of our social gatherings. Like minded passionate souls who enjoy the decadence of vintage fashion and appreciate each others unique sense of style. This was such a relaxing part of the story for me, Good Friends and Stunning Frocks. My favourite things. Having such well dressed friends meant that co-ordinating their outfits was an absolute pleasure , as each came with brilliant examples of mid century fashion, perfectly matched outfits and extra options. If only all of my shoots came with such an extensive wardrobe department.

It’s always interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of your world expressed in a single frame. I think Hugh did a brilliant Job of capturing the personalities of the subjects and I loved seeing how Jane Roarty’s modern styling complimented the vintage clothing in print. The bold , vibrant colours and styles worked well with the authentic garments.

Sweet Sisters Sharon and Teena at Retrospec'd and Glamorous Sarah Doyle Maitre d' of Porteno Restaurant.

Singing and dancing with Pat and The Fellas in the lane way behind Newtown Old Wares

Model: Fabienne at Porteno, Lanie Lane and Lillian Starr at the Vanguard.

It was great for me to be able to share my professional world with my personal ,involving many of my friends in this project was incredibly rewarding. We had two fast paced, fun filled days and those memories shared will last just as long as what was captured in print. I have posted some behind the scenes photos to my Pia Andersen, Facebook Page. Thank you to Marie Claire and everyone involved, Love me Tender indeed!

Marie Claire Behind the Scenes Sue And Marc's Cocktail Soiree


Behind the Scenes with The Hollywood Hombres at The Roxbury Hotel

Behind The Scenes at Sterling HQ.


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