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The Art of the Cocktail Hour blog is Cointreau’s modern, entertaining and thoroughly useful guide to recreating the golden age of the cocktail hour, today. “With our cocktail connoisseur and chic contributors we’ll usher you through cocktail basics, early evening etiquette, fanciful food, sophisticated styling and all things necessary when gathering with friends for a cocktail party at home. We’ve got weekly installments up our stylish sleeves to assist and inspire you from now until Christmas, so grab a cocktail, sit back and let Cointreau make cocktail hour entertaining easy.”

Art of the Cocktail Hour Behind the Scenes - all photos Louise Whelan

I am thrilled to be the etiquette contributor for this blog and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the highly creative from Stellar to bring my components to life. Part of my role has been to film small video blogs for the site. With the team from Radial Love we recently spent a very fun afternoon shooting at the beautiful Loft Bar at King Street Wharf.

Behind the Scenes - Images Louise Whelan

Behind the Scenes at The Loft - photo Louise Whelan

Behind the Scenes - Photo Louise Whelan

Unfortunately the peacefulness of the very scenic location was constantly interrupted by the nearby construction and the working wharf outside also made for trying circumstances as every other take was interrupted by the whistle of a large boats leaving the dock. In those situations all you can do is laugh as the perfect piece to camera is completely ruined by the sounding horn of a cruise ship. The crew also enjoyed laughing at me as I made a few hysterical faux pas that still make me blush , I will tell you that I was talking about the salt on the rim of a margarita glass but shall leave the rest to your imagination.

Photos -Louise Whelan

Behind the Scenes -The etiquette of cocktail Glass Holding- photo Louise Whelan

Photo Louise Whelan

The ‘History of the Cocktail Hour’ Post is already live and you can view it here.

History of the Cocktail Hour Video Blog for the Art of The Cocktail Hour

Another etiquette video about the correct and proper way to hold your cocktail glasses will be released later in the year. Be sure to look at the wonderful posts from the other contributors too , with new weekly posts featuring great advice and inspiration you will be the host with the most, the guest with the best and an all round cocktail connoisseur who truly appreciates the finer details of the sophisticated art of the cocktail hour.

Matthew Barnett from Cointreau - photo Louise Whelan


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