Swing V’s Rockabilly Event Wrap Up


On Saturday the 16th July the Factory Theatre played host to another amazing Swing V’s Rockabilly Showdown. Organised and Promoted by Graham Coupland (Manager and guitarist from the Velvet Set ) the night showcased a fine selection of NSW’s Swing and Rockabilly bands, all battling it out for the illustrious crown.


The Velvet Set Featuring Sara Jeanne O'Connor and Evan McInnes Photos Romualdo Nubla

Twilight Rhythm Boys and Pat Capocci Combo Main Stage Photos Romualdo Nubla

Twilight Rhythm Boys and Pat Capocci Combo Main Stage Photos Romualdo Nubla

The audience was a mixed bag of dancers and Music Lovers many of whom also shared my love of both genres. The venue had two stages going at once which meant that there was plenty to keep the crowd well entertained and impressed by the local talents on offer. The bands on the bill included The Velvet Set, The Pat Capocci Combo , The Hollywood Hombres , The Flatrackers, The Drey Rollan Band, Satellite V , The Creepers and The Twilight Rhythm Boys. Add to the mix the turntable talents of Limpin Jimmy and the Swingin Kitten and DJ Goldfoot so you can be assured the music was well selected , eclectic and kept the dance floor jumpin’ all night long.

Drey Rollan Band - photos Romualdo Nubla and Orange Press

Now as a lover and performer of both Swing and Rockabilly Music I definitely had a high heeled , peep toe foot in both camps. For the night I was performing with the Hollywood Hombres as part of the swing battalion but just across the battle line was my good friend and collaborator Mr Pat Capocci. And in fact the last time I had sung at the factory it had been sharing the stage with him at Black Cherry. So how did I feel about being on the opposing side ???

Well I adore singing with the raw energy of a smaller Rockabilly Combo and Pat is truly one of my favourite musicians , but the Jump Blues music I sing with the Hombres provides plenty of variety and sometimes the best of both worlds for this rockabilly filly . We have a driving guitar compliments of the Talented axe man Robert C. Taylor , A boogie woogie blues piano courtesy of Mr Aaron Towerton and on tenor sax we had the special treat of the charismatic wailing of the Formidable Dave Wray ( aka Frank Bennett ) who also added much charm to the back up vocals and plenty of witty banter on stage.

The Hollywood Hombres - Photos Romualdo Nubla And Orange Press

Dave was also his charming and generous self , stepping in to Croon a few unexpected tunes with the Velvet Set as Poor Evan their Male Lead Vocal had to leave early due to illness. Always a professional , my personal favourite moment was during Hit the Road Jack when upon forgetting the lyrics Dave managed to comically blow raspberries through the displaced adjectives in almost perfect time. Interpretive but very effective indeed. Dave , raspberries , saxophone or vocals sharing the stage with you is always a pleasure!

The Hollywood Honeys unexpectedly Share the Stage with Frank Bennett -photo Romualdo Nubla

As a wearer of many hats , as well as singing I also co-ordinated a Vintage Allsorts Beauty Booth and Accessory Styling Parlour. Just as well I have such a talented team of creative cuties who are more than capable of taking the reigns whilst I am otherwise engaged. Thank you Ladies, It wouldn’t be the same allsorts without you.

Vintage Allsorts Styling Parlour - Photo Romualdo Nubla

Vintage Allsorts Styling Parlour - photos Romualdo Nubla and Kris Ezergalis


Asides from spinning great tracks throughout the night Limpin Jimmy and The Swingin Kitten were also given the difficult task of choosing the winner of the battle. After a killer set of hard hitting tunes that rocked every ones socks clean off it really was no surprise that Pat Capocci claimed the crown. Lucky for me I’ll be sharing the stage with the newly crowned combo at Greazfest next weekend for a cracking rockabilly set , then we will see where these peep toed shoes really lie.¬†Swing V’s Rockabilly ??? To be continued…….


Greazefest Weekender 2011






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