Cry Baby at the Vanguard

Another fun night at The Vanguard and what a night it was! It was great to see so many people come out once more on a Sunday night, all in the name of great music and having a good time. And maybe (just a little bit) Johnny Depp.

When I heard that The Vanguard were hosting a tribute to the music of Cry Baby (the classic 1990 John Waters cult classic) I was already excited, but when I became involved with organising it I was over the moon, I knew straight away just how much fun I was going to have with it.

The line up was spectacular with Mojo Juju, Johnny Wishbone from The Snowdroppers, Kitty Van Horne, Jordan C Thomas, Sarah J Hyland and Wes Pudsey all making the night a special occasion, and making my childhood dreams come true (who didn’t sing ‘Please Mr Jailer’ into their hairbrush at least once?) It’s always such a pleasure to share the stage with any and all of these wonderful musicians and it really did make the night an event.

Cry Baby Cast - Photos Darren Robinson

'I'm a Bad, Bad Girl' - Singing the Little Esther Tune with Mojo. Photos Darren Robinson and Gypsy Taylor


Opening the night singing‘Cry Baby’ with the equally beautiful songstresses Kitty Van Horne and Sarah J Hyland set the tone for a night of rockin’, rollin’ and Drape solidarity with not a square to be seen! Mojo Juju sang‘Cherry’ in her usual soulful, sexy way and I was lucky enough to join her on stage as we both did ‘Please Mr Jailer.’ Johnny Wishbone and Kitty set the night on fire with ‘King Cry Baby’ and Johnny’s rendition of ‘Rubber Biscuit’ was nothing short of hilarious. Jordan C Thomas slapped his bass the whole night through and brought an electric energy to the vocals of tunes like ‘Doin Time for being young’ and ‘Women in Cadillacs ‘.

Kitty Van Horne at Cry Baby - Photos Gypsy Taylor

A puffed out Wes Pudsey, racing from another gig earlier that night, made it onto the stage for the second set just in time to sing his version of‘Sh-Boom’ with class and finesse (even if it is a square song!) The night was appropriately finished with an all in ‘High-School Hellcats’that set the whole crowd dancing and rounded off the evening perfectly.

Wes Pudsey, Johnny Wishbone and Jordan C. Thomas - photos Darren Robinson

It really was great to see so many fans coming out all dolled up, leather jackets, greased kiss-curls, polka dots and motorcycle boots were in abundance (nobody came as Hatchet Face though… Hmm…) I’m always thrilled when you can see that an audience love something as much as you do, it made the energy of the night something I won’t soon forget.

Cry Baby Crowd - Photos Louise Whelan


Backstage at the Vanguard - Photos Louise Whelan

Thanks to all who came, once again to all the lovely performers and we’ll be seeing you at Rockafillies this Sunday the 26th!

Pia xxx


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