Palmer & Co


I’m very excited to tell you that I have been singing at Merivales’s fabulous new speakeasy bar Palmer & Co.

Located in the heart of the city , hidden in a narrow alleyway is the place this little torch singer has been dreaming about.

Dimly lit with exposed architecture and brilliant attention to detail, quirky and cultured with a sense of quality often aspired to but not often achieved.

Palmer & Co is the kind of place you can be yourself while dreaming about being a starlet from the silver screen or the character in some urban folklore from the days of prohibition.

This week I’ll be torching jazz standards and some dirty rhythm and blues on both Thursday and Friday nights. From 7-9pm

Stop by and say hello, I’ll be the blonde siren smiling like a Cheshire cat in the warm sepia glow.

You can read a full review of the bar with some delicious images here.


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