Palmer & Co Gig Photos

I have been having the most wonderful time singing at Palmer & Co. It is truly a pleasure to be a little jazz bird in such a decadent and inspiring space.

A few months ago the wonderful Dusk Devi and the amazing Louise Whelan stopped by to check out the space. On separate nights with cameras in hand , here are some of the images they captured.

I play at Palmer & Co every Thursday night from 7-10pm and every second Saturday with my next saturday being the 23rd March.

Be sure to stop by one night soon for a sneaky martini and a listen to some boogie blues, jumpin’ jazz and cocktail swing.

Two Timin Playboys and Miss Pia Andersen. Photos Dusk Devi Visio











Miss Pia and the Two Timin Playboys at Palmer & Co.Photo Dusk Devi Vision






Pia Andersen Two Timin Playboys @ Palmer photos Louise Whela

Pia Andersen at Palmer & Co c) Dusk Devi Vision


Two Timin Playboys at Palmer & Co photos Dusk Devi Vision































Palmer & Co Pia Andersen photos Louise Whelan





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