Blackcats & Steamboat Joes

Blackcats and Steamboat Joe's Scrabble Text

Blackcats and Steamboat Joe’s Vintage Scrabble Text display.

2013 turned into my busiest year yet. In between styling for Marie Claire , Peter Alexander prop making and torching jazz all over town there really wasn’t much time for sitting in front of my computer. This New Year’s resolution was to find more time for blogging , posting and sharing my world. Ahem… easier said than done. It’s March already and only now do I find myself writing my first blog post. Not because I suddenly have the time just that I have been working hard on some exciting new projects that deserve to be shared. In fact I am so excited by these recent extensions of my business that I’m whistling dixie over my ideas. Ideas inspired from creative passions and a deep desire to follow my dreams.

So… have you ever heard of IconPark ? Perhaps not as it is the worlds first online Crowd-funding platform and real estate fund dedicated to bars and restaurants. It’s a brand new hospitality concept that invites and encourages people with ideas to put there hands up and share them and then provides a tailored platform and an exciting program to help turn those dreams into realities.

 Log on to and see my dreams, better yet. Register to support me and help me them real.



Sydney Gin Palace Blackcats season one finalist for IconPark

Sydney Gin Palace Blackcats Season one finalist for IconPark





Please register support, pledge a reward and help me bring

Sizzling Steak,  Stiff Gin & cool Jazz To Stanley St….

1 part exceptional, prime cut Wagyu steakhouse, 1 part devilishly alluring New Orleans jazz joint & all parts 19th century London Gin palace. It’s modern mixology techniques & old world culture, served up with vintage pinup girl hospitality. Step back into a simpler time when things were more sophisticated.

Icon park Season One Team Blackcats

Icon park Season One Team Blackcats Pia Andersen , Jay Gray and Phil Tsompanis

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