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Heritage Run – National Trust of NSW – My visit to Retford Park

Heritage Run - National Trust of NSW - My visit to Retford Park

  Last Friday I was invited to take part in a media event for The National Trust of NSW to help promote their upcoming Highway 31 Heritage Run event which is a classic car rally that sees entrants enjoy a leisurely tour of the former Hume Highway, driving from Old Government House, Parramatta to Cooma [...]

‘Love Me Tender’ Marie Claire Fashion Story

'Love Me Tender' Marie Claire Fashion Story

I recently produced a 16 page photo story that has just been published in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine. My role was to bring the reality of the Sydney vintage scene to life , by showcasing real people in their environments. Creating a stunning visual backdrop for a modern fashion spread. The Marie [...]

The Art Of The Cocktail Hour

The Art Of The Cocktail Hour

Last Friday Night an intimate selection of Sydney’s Cocktail Enthusiasts were treated to a wonderful night of drinking and decadence. The Ivy’s Den hosted the event as part of the World Cocktail Week Celebrations and with Head mixologist Mikey Enright and Tim Phillips (2009 UK Bartender of the Year ) creating unique twists on early evening cocktails there was plenty to celebrate.

During the Art of the Cocktail Hour guests were taken on a short stroll through the history of the fashion and etiquette inspired by a social phenomenon that has sparked new forms of expression and to this day continues to evolve.
I had such an amazing time sharing the social history and lavish style of the cocktail hour. Throughout the decades Cocktail Clothing and Culture has provided rich and varied ways for individuals to present themselves and the models looked truly sensational as they displayed the special attire that provides a charming insight into a daily ritual, a passage of time between work and leisure that is filled with glamour and elegance when having a drink wasn’t just about the beverage but the environment , atmosphere and the sophisticated conversation that followed.

The official event photos showcased in this blog are Courtesy of the amazing and very talented Louise Whelan.
They are sure to make you want to adorn a fur and head to your nearest cocktail den for a Cointreau Blush, and for those of you wanting to know more about Cocktail Culture be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Cointreau’s new ‘ Art Of The Cocktail Hour Blog’ which will be a modern and useful guide to cocktails, early evening etiquette, fanciful food, sophisticated styling and all things necessary when gathering with friends for a cocktail party at home.
It’s due to launch Mid July!

Art of the Cocktail Hour

Art of the Cocktail Hour

Remember the 1950s glamorous golden age of the “cocktail hour” when appetites were stimulated with a few stiff cocktails and lots of relaxed conversation? Head mixologist Mikey Enright and Tim Phillips (2009 UK Bartender of the Year) will put their own twist on early evening cocktails such as the Breakfast Martini and the White Lady. [...]

A little known treasure….

 A little known treasure....

It’s been about 4 months since I opened my Vintage Fashion Boutique at the Sydney Antique Centre and I am constantly surprised as to how many locals don’t know about the centre or it’s unique history. So I wanted to share with you a little background into the Home of my retail collection and it [...]

Fancy Some Hot Couture ???

Fancy Some Hot Couture ???

As an inquisitive 15 year old girl I was fortunate enough to find myself working at Fancy That one of Sydney’s most amazing Fancy Dress Shops. This incredible costume collection provided me with the perfect environment to research and explore my fascination with Vintage culture and clothing. While working there I also was lucky enough [...]